David Manners Group implement Kerridge Commercial Systems K8

13th May 2013: David Manners Group, who specialise in supplying parts for a wide range of classic and modern cars – including; Jaguar, MG, Triumph and Mini, has placed an order with Kerridge Commercial Systems for a 40 user K8 system. K8 is a market-leading system for the distributive trades and used by a number of major parts distributors. The system go live is planned for the end of 2013.

K8 was chosen to meet the David Manners Group’s needs for a flexible fully integrated system. Particular requirements included comprehensive purchasing, sales analysis – including staff targets, CRM, warehouse management and business intelligence functionality. Long term product investment and support capabilities were also essential factors for David Manners Group.

Kate Manners, Managing Director said, “Our existing, in-house developed system has served us very well. For over 10 years, it has ensured we have remained ahead of the competition and would not be where we are today without it but it was time to move on. We began to look for a new system and a partner supplier that we could work with as the company develops. All our staff had an opportunity to participate in the selection process – not only did this ensure that their own particular requirements were met, but more importantly, they were able to take ownership of the project right from day one. We chose K8 because it most closely matches our sales, marketing and purchasing processes – the system also offers some of the facilities that we are currently lacking. Unquestionably, our integrated online ordering tools will be a vital part of the transition to K8, and with customer service being central to our ethos, we are confident that the system will help us to maintain and improve our high standards in every area.”

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David Manners Group implement Kerridge K8 System
David Manners Group implement Kerridge K8 System



The David Manners Group on Top Gear 1993

Back in ’93, the David Manners Group featured on Top Gear…Anyone remember this?
7:15 onwards
8:42 David Manners personal Daimler Dart makes guest appearance
8:48 One of the Manners clan makes guest appearance as a passenger (actress Sarah Manners)
10:35 David Manners, our Lord and Master speaking as enthusiastically as he does today

David Manners Group on Top Gear
David Manners Talking on the Top Gear Show



Mini Spares Midlands Open Evening 2013 PHOTOS

Photos from our Mini Spares Midlands Open Evening 2013 are now available to browse on our Facebook page. The rain was quite heavy at the start of the evening, but soon warmed up with over 100 cars in attendance. We are going to need more space for next years!

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