Kate Manners leading the Panel for Service Excellence Award

Kate Manners, the David Manners Group Managing Director is today leading the panel of Judges for the Service Excellence category at the Family Business Awards in Nottingham.

In 2012, the David Manners Group successfully won the Service Excellence Awards beating off several top class competitors in the process.  We put a lot of hard work into the application and the following interview process, so we are aware of the high standards required to win. This is why Kate Manners was invited to lead the panel of Judges for the 2013 Award, knowing that each year the standards get higher.

Kate said “The team at DMG were so proud to win the Service Excellence Awards last year. It put a smile on everyone’s faces after what had been a transitional year with expansions, new systems and new faces. Winning the Award allowed everyone to step back from the chaos and see just how well we had done. We were in our own little bubble, so the recognition had to come from somewhere else. These Awards are so important to Family Businesses and we want to be a part of them for many years to come”.

Kate will lead the team of Judges today interviewing Blue Castle Energy, Lea Marston Hotel, PDW Group, Webb Hotels, PCMS Group & Travel & GMS Security. Having already previewed the finalist’s applications, the standard this year has been taken to a new level. It may all come down to the interview stages and how each company is represented. The David Manners Group would like to wish each finalist the best of luck.

The 2013 Awards ceremony will take place in Birmingham, November 2013.
To read more about the David Manners Group, please visit our website. For more information about the Awards, please click here.

The David Manners Group are also in the final for Family Business of the Year. You can read more here.

Kate Manners on Business in Russia building on Service Excellence win
Kate Manners on Business in Russia building on Service Excellence win

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