1956 MGA: One of the first 2000 ever built

You may not have seen one of these cars outside a show or in a brochure before, but over 100,000 were built. So when one of our MGA Customers pulled up to buy some parts this week, we had to take a closer look. The numbers of MGA cars on the road have decreased over recent years (less than 2000 according to howmanyleft.com) so the common assumption would be the cars would all be kept in pristine show condition.

But as the owner explained to me, he uses this MGA as his regular car every day. The mileage is high and it has not been cleaned for a week or two (still looks good to us). Infact the owner of this delightful MGA even offered to take it to a car wash before we took some pics. We declined as it’s so refreshing to see an old classic being used as a car should be.

It is in great condition having been built in 1956, and keeps up with motorway traffic well. The owner informed us very casually that out of the 100,000 or so built, this was around number 2000 on the production line. Quite a boast.

If you have an MG Car, visit our website next time you need any parts. We are proud to keep Modern and Classic MG’s on the road.

1956 MGA: One of the first 2000 ever built
1956 MGA: One of the first 2000 ever built



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