MGB Barn Find: Racing Car Mystery

A few weeks ago, one of our regular MG customers purchased a rather fine looking blue coloured livery MGB Car that had been residing in a barn for the last few years. Aesthetically, it seemed in good condition, and a quick check over the finer details of the car convinced him to part with his money.

The MGB was bought as a project for his son who duly sold his own modern car with the sole aim of using this as his regular drive.

However there are 2 mysteries’ surrounding this MGB. Less important of course is how a family of field mice managed to make the rear part of the car their home until it was safely delivered to his homestead. But the livery asks the obvious question here: Was this previously used in some sort of Racing. The previous owner was unable to ‘shed’ any light on its history, so the owner is considering asking the MG enthusiasts club to see if they can help.

There are few things that needed doing immediately such as general servicing parts, but this trip to the David Manners Group was more about getting a New MG Steering wheel to look the part.

If you would like to see our MG Parts range, check out our website here. And don’t forget we have our new MGB Parts Catalogue that you can purchase or download for free here.

MGB Barn Find Racing Car Mystery
MGB Barn Find Racing Car Mystery

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