1966 MK1 MGB GT Bargain Find

1966 MK1 MGB GT Bargain Find
1966 MK1 MGB GT Bargain Find

One of our regular customers brought along his latest find, a green MGB GT to our shop at the David Manners Group this week to show us the progress of his restoration project. A few weeks ago, the owner who already owns a selection of restored classics came across this MGB GT with near perfect body work but with question marks over the engine.

Our customer was able to spend time giving the car a once over before deciding it was worth the investment. It does help to be mechanically minded and astute in these situations!

Once the newly acquired MGB GT was in his garage, the decision to make the purchase was proved correct as the majority of work that needed doing was mainly based around the car sitting idle for some time.

In addition, a few accessories and new seat trims were added both from our shop and ebay store and it already feels like we were in a time warp. We were particularly impressed with the original wheels. We have many MGB GT cars on our car park but rarely see original wheels that finish off the car.

We hope to keep you informed of his other restoration projects in the near future. Thanks for the pictures.

If you would like to see our MGB Parts website or download our MGB Parts catalogue, click here.

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