Daimler Dart at the David Manners Group

David Manners strikes a pose with customers Daimler Dart
David Manners strikes a pose with customers Daimler Dart

They come from miles away to buy parts from the David Manners Group, but after all Daimler Dart customers are very loyal. The Dart is one of our most popular classics, and it was infact David Manners need for a complete Exhaust system that was the catalyst for starting the business.

Close friend of the David Manners Group Quentin Willson, has been buying parts from us for his Daimler Dart for around 38 years now. We even appeared on Top Gear a few years ago for their Dart special.

So it’s quite surprising that this is the first Daimler Dart I have seen on our car park since we began the Customer Spotlight section all those weeks ago. David, the gentleman who owns this Dart has been a customer of ours for over 20 years himself. At one point he owned 5 Darts, and now he is down to 2. The colour is Green/Silver metallic but that was not the original intention. Nevertheless, it certainly stands out as a unique example.

Despite the unpredictable English weather, David informs me that this has been a great year to drive with the top down. It certainly attracted some attention when we were photographing it this week.

Mechanically, this Daimler Dart is sound. Some interior items were purchased and a some chrome wheel rims from our ebay store. We hope to see his other Dart next time he is in town.

David Manners himself could not resist having a picture taken with the owner and the car. The dart is still very close to his heart,

Don’t forget, if you own a Dart, book mark our site here for parts.


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