1967 MGB GT MK1 at the David Manners Group

1967 MGB GT MK1 at the David Manners Group
1967 MGB GT MK1 at the David Manners Group


We see many MGB cars at the David Manners Group, and the majority of them are kept in very good condition by their owners. But it still creates a buzz around the building when an MGB GT with something a little bit different pulls up on our car park.

The colour is particularly striking on this 1967 MK1 MGB for example. I have tried to emphasize this on the collage; however it is clearly the black wheels that finish this off.

The owner informs me that for the past 20 years, it has hardly entertained the roads of the Black Country, or indeed anywhere else for that matter. The last couple of owners have both completed a restoration of this MK1 MGB, including a full re-spray at one point.

Due to the excellent condition this MGB finds itself in, only a few parts were needed on his visit this time. Regrettably for its current owner though, this MGB GT will most probably be on the market soon however this will certainly be good news for someone else.

Thanks for the pictures and good luck for the sale.
Dont forget, you can download our New MGB Catalogue for Free on our website here.

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