Jaguar MKII Austrian Restoration Project

Jaguar MKII Austrian Restoration Project
Jaguar MKII Austrian Restoration Project

As part of our customer spotlight section, we are now carrying on the theme of customer restoration projects. We started with one of our Polish Customers restoring their E-Type Jaguar a week or so ago, and we have been hearing positive news that we can hopefully bring you in pictures shortly.

Mike, from Austria is restoring a Jaguar MKII with all parts bought from the David Manners Group. Whilst he has set himself no completion date, he is working on the car each week and progress is steady. As you can see here, it is certainly shaping up at the moment. We will bring you more pictures very soon.

The David Manners Group sell parts for Modern and Classic Jaguar Cars, but we are commonly known globally for holding large quantities of stock and rare parts for the classic models. Certainly this has helped Mike in his quest to complete the restoration. Mike commented last week upon receiving his latest delivery from us that it was ‘like Christmas come early”. That’s what we like to here.

If you are planning a restoration and have used the David Manners Group for parts, get in touch with us.

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