Our Customers make October month to Remember

We have been extremely busy at the David Manners Group this last couple of weeks. On the 13th October, we attended the Jaguar show at Stoneleigh which was fantastically busy. Yesterday we were back at Stoneleigh for the Mini Fair which impossibly seemed frantic in comparison. Then again, Mini shows draw the crowds in all seasons.

David Manners Group set up for the Stoneleigh Show
David Manners Group set up for the Stoneleigh Show

In between, we have been filming at our premises in Oldbury for a Morris Minor TV show and a Daimler Dart TV show. In addition, a film crew from the Family Business Awards were here in attendance capturing a typical working day at the David Manners Group.

All these activities have involved the cooperation and patience of our customers to whom we gratefully thank. During the filming days, our customer typically got involved and wanted to help us out before we even asked for cooperation. At the Jaguar and Mini show, we arranged our stands to be more customer friendly as we anticipated larger crowds this time around.

So thanks again to all of our customers for making October a month for us to remember.

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