Morris Minor Commercial Workhorse

Morris Minor Commercial Workhorse
Morris Minor Commercial Workhorse


Today I had the pleasure of arriving at work to see a well-used Morris Minor Commercial parked on our car park at the David Manners Group. We are particularly fond to see old British classics still being used for what they were originally designed for, and this Morris Minor Van certainly fits this description.

As you can see from the pictures, it is not in bad condition by any stretch of the imagination but is clearly still used to carry goods on a regular basis. The bodywork whilst kept to a standard is not the main priority at this stage of its working life. Infact the customer was busy purchasing Morris Minor Commercial Van parts to keep it in its roadworthy state throughout the winter months. Surely a clear indication it would not be relegated to the garage so a younger vehicle could deputise.

You may be surprised to hear that owners of Morris Minors, Minor Travellers and Minor Commercials can easily drop by at the David Manners Group to pick up parts already in stock. Since the acquisition of the Morris Minor Centre (Birmingham) and the incorporation into our premises in Oldbury, the opportunity to hold large quantities of stock rare and popular has seen an influx of customers who just want to get their Morris Minor Car back on the road.

As you may have read on our news page yesterday, the David Manners Group will be featured on a Car restoration show early next year supplying parts for the build of a Morris Minor Traveller. You will get to see our Morris Minor Parts warehouse first hand. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Morris Minor Parts website here.

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