Silver Daimler Dart with Sporty Mod Grille

Silver Daimler Dart with Sporty Mod Grille
Silver Daimler Dart with Sporty Mod Grille


A few weeks ago, we featured the first Daimler Dart in our customer spotlight section. David, who was the owner of that Dart, kindly had his picture taken with our David Manners. Infact as we mentioned before, the David Manners Group exists thanks to the Daimler Dart so everyone here at DMG holds the Dart close to our hearts.

The same customer informed me that he owns and has owned a number of Darts over the years and always bought the parts from the David Manners Group. He has now completed the full interior and exterior restoration of this Silver Metallic Daimler Dart and wanted to show us the results of his work. Naturally we were delighted to talk to him and take some pictures to show you all.

Since its restoration, the ‘New’ Daimler Dart has covered just less than 300 miles so it is still in the running in stage following the work David has completed. The Dart starts with ease and the engine boasts a purr that must be reminiscent of when it first came off the production line. The temperature on the day reads 11 degrees Celsius which is borderline advisory for having the top down, but with such beautifully crafted and matched interior, we don’t blame him for showing it off.

David, the owner of this wonderful Dart is particularly proud of the Grille. It certainly adds a modern feel to the car without taking away any of its classic features. He commented that he wanted to give it a ‘Ferrari’ look. Whether or not he has achieved that, it is certainly a welcome modification to what has been an inspiring project to get this Daimler Dart back to its best.

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