Cost of Servicing your Morris Minor

The David Manners Group feature in this week’s Classic Car Buyer for their excellent article on buying a Morris Minor, the costs and what to look out for.

We have certainly noticed a rapid increase of our younger customers buying a Morris Minor as their foray into the Classic Car market, or indeed as their first car due to the low running costs and how accessible the car is to maintain. The Morris Minor Owners Club who we support every year has to be applauded for their contribution bringing in younger generations of Morris Minor owners.

We mentioned last week that the David Manners Group will feature early next year on a Classic Car Restoration Show for a Morris Minor rebuild edition. In the show, we are seen supplying stocked Morris Minor Parts whilst offering the viewer advice on what to look out for to properly maintain their Morris Minor.

When the David Manners Group purchased the Morris Minor Centre Birmingham in 1998, we increased the stock levels for fast moving parts but also added 100’s of lines for rare parts so our customers could collect same day for Morris Minor parts that could take weeks in most places. The Classic Car Buyers feature gives the reader an insight into the expected costs of servicing a Morris Minor and what to expect to buy throughout the year. The majority of Service Items for your Morris Minor are very reasonably priced which makes the Minor a great little car to get your teeth into. For example, CCB go on to suggest that typical Service Items would cost around £90 on average, and of course due to the classification of the car you would not pay Road Tax. Insurance would start from around £83, and add an extra £26 for your Morris Minor Owners Club subscription and you are ready to go.

We have some of the most knowledgeable Morris Minor staff in the industry at the David Manners Group who can be contacted on 0121 544 5522 should you need help buying parts or are uncertain what you need.

Cost of Servicing your Morris Minor
Cost of Servicing your Morris Minor


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