E-Type Jaguar Racing Car

E-Type Jaguar Racing Car
E-Type Jaguar Racing Car


You may be forgiven for considering this unassuming Red E-Type Jaguar to be the subject of a renovation project. Infact, this E-type which is a project of a very close French customer of ours is currently on the latter stages of gearing up for racing around Europe.

As you can see, the E-Type is being carried on a trailer so when it appeared on our car park this week, we went over to take a look. It has been restored to near immaculate condition which raises a few questions about why you would invest so much money into this project when racing in what is potentially a contact sport can be expensive. Well, we did pose this question to which he replied “You will not do a Jaguar E-Type justice unless it appears at its best, from a race track to a mundane shopping centre car park”
Well, we can’t argue with that.

The renovation was exclusive to David Manners Group Jaguar E-Type Parts and we are proud of the achievement to get it to this standard. We will be monitoring the E-types’ performance over the next few months and keep you updated of its progress.

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