Red ‘Ogle’ Car 5/60 off the Production Line

Red ‘Ogle’ Car 5/60 off the Production Line
Red ‘Ogle’ Car 5/60 off the Production Line


You may be forgiven for asking what car this is. Infact, it had a few of us at the David Manners Group a trifle stumped until we were shamed by our more experienced Jaguar experts.

The brand is called ‘Ogle’ and I think I am correct at saying this particular model is the SX1000 where around 60-65 were manufactured. The owner informed me that this delightful example was number 5 off the production line.

The SX250 which followed this car was fundamentally an updated version of the Daimler Dart that was originally built in ’62. The car was rejected by Daimler so Reliant took on the project. So you can see, there is a link between David Manners Group Daimler Parts and this very unique Ogle SX1000. The owner went on to tell me that whilst this may be the first time he has bought his car to our shop, he has been purchasing interchangeable Daimler Parts from us for some time.
It certainly is one for our scrap book, so many thanks for letting us take these pictures.

If you have any information on the Ogle that we may have missed or incorrectly mentioned, please feel free to let us know.

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