Immaculate show stopping Triumph TR6

Back in June, we showcased a Triumph Herald at the David Manners Group. It was a great run-a-round and in good roadworthy condition and we were delighted to see it here in the 2 weeks we had for summer. Ironically on the same day, this immaculate Triumph TR6 came to see us. Maybe it’s something to do with good weather.

Our professional photographer was at hand to capture this Triumph TR6 in its pristine glory and the photos were then archived until they re-surfaced this week (we withhold the right to deny we lost them)!

The Triumph TR6 was produced from 1969-1976 and followed the tradition of earlier TR model shapes (only eclipsed by the radical design of the Triumph TR7 that followed). The Triumph Stag is still a personal favourite of ours, but the TR6 in this condition certainly changed a few people’s minds on the day.
From profiling our customers, we know that we have a lot of TR6 owners many of which are mail order web customers. So when we get a local TR6 owner that travels to see us, we will be sure to bring them to you again.

Immaculate show stopping Triumph TR6
Immaculate show stopping Triumph TR6


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