1989 Classic Mini Restoration Project

1989 Classic Mini Restoration Project
1989 Classic Mini Restoration Project


One of our Mini Spares Midlands customers is on the verge of completing his full scale restoration on this 1989 G Registration Mini.

Chris kindly sent us these pictures showing the project at varying stages of completion which highlights just how much work has gone into developing the Mini getting it to just how Chris wants it.

The majority of parts were purchased from Mini Spares Midlands (part of the David Manners Group), however one constant on these pictures is the vibrant red that excels throughout. At one point, you can see a complete removal of the engine in what looks to be the setting of a homemade garage. If this is the case, this is truly a stunning retreat for any tinkering petrol head.

It’s interesting to see that Chris has opted for the black and silver number plate. Perhaps this is because it complements the black and red colourway, but we are seeing an increase of younger Mini owners migrating to the older style especially at our annual Mini Spares Open Evenings.

We are excited about seeing this Mini at DMG in the near future, so please let us know the next time you are popping over.

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