1972 MGB brightens up at DMG

This 1972 MGB is as reliable today as it was 25 years ago. We know that because that’s exactly what we were told by the owner.

It’s another fine example of a Classic British Car being used daily for practical uses rather than every 3rd Sunday. This vibrant yellow MGB takes its owner on work errands in stop start city driving which can certainly take its toll on older engines. So it is a credit to its owners upkeep (and dare we say it – the quality of fine British Cars) that it can still be driven in this way today.

The MGB is a very popular car to see on a weekly basis at the David Manners Group. Many of our customers opt to buy one as their first car into the Classics Market with a view to taking a lot of the maintenance jobs themselves.

This year, we have noticed that our MGB Parts DVD is proving a best seller for the Stocking Fillers. Maybe this is relative to the MGB becoming a more affordable first Classic Car.

1972 MGB brightens up at DMG
1972 MGB brightens up at DMG


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