Go Social – With the David Manners Group

In 2013, the David Manners Group social media sites certainly struck a chord with our customers and fans of Classic British Cars alike. In the last year alone, we have nearly hit 10,000 Fans on Facebook. We were previously cautious about using Facebook as we focus on 7 Car types and feared this could have been too general for our audience.

How wrong we were. Classic & Modern Car lovers have a lot of appreciation for our range and are clearly receptive to the wide assortment we showcase and discuss. We now have many customers that approach us electronically or when visiting our shop who encourage us to photograph and discuss their cars publicly. This has led to us having a wish list for cars we would like to see in 2014. Most on this list are rare such as Triumph TR7 or the illustrious TR8. Some other Triumphs we would like to see more of include the more rare Dolomite range.

Our Flickr & Pinterest pages have reached nearly 300,000 hits in the last year or so. This is mainly because we have photo albums for many of the shows we host such as our Annual Mini Spares Midlands Evening or shows such as Jaguar at Stoneleigh that we attend that attract interest from show goers and enthusiasts.

Towards the second half of 2013, we became more active on Twitter and quickly picked up a lot of fans who wanted to be first to know if we add a rarity on ebay or just wanted to share our customer pictures. Since we registered on ebay, we have quickly reached the status of Gold Seller with enviable feedback.

In 2014, a company should offer no excuses for not being easy to do business with. We now offer several convenient channels to contact us whatever your query. Many of our international customers prefer to send us quotes on Facebook for example.

Thanks for all of the support over the last year, and if you are not a fan of our Facebook site or Twitter Page, please follow the links to see what you are missing out on.

Search: David Manners Group when searching for our Social Networking sites
Search: David Manners Group when searching for our Social Networking sites


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