1940’s Rover 75 at the David Manners Group

1940’s Rover 75 at the David Manners Group
1940’s Rover 75 at the David Manners Group


One of the highlights of working at a company like the David Manners Group is the variety of cars we get to see each week. Our demographic of cars, particularly the Classic side means many of our parts are interchangeable with other models – Some of which can even surprise us at times.

We have already featured a pre-war Austin A7 a few weeks ago, but this time we are pleased to showcase a robust Rover 75 from circa 1948.

In context with what we define as a classic car (our Triumph, Jag, Morris Minor and MG range of parts are mostly for the 1960’s or 1970’s era) we tend to see them as cars that should be looked after and treated with care and devotion from an owner that can respect the possession they have.

In most cases, long journeys are generally a thing of the past and our owners will have a primary car for the day to day side of life. Well, this is not the case with this Rover 75. And after inspecting the inside and out, the car nothing could be further from the intentions of its owner.

Infact Ken, the owner was boasting about a journey he was about to make to London. It poses no problem for this Rover 75. The journey is one of many long distant trips he makes from Birmingham on a weekly basis. It is a workhorse, and you can see and feel it to. It’s not up to show standard; the interior is a mix of refurbished and well lived in. It is clearly a project of well serviced and tinkering with the aesthetics when possible. Ken went on to say he is in the process of completing the interior of the car back to its original glory.

We would be delighted to show more of this project in the future.

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