1967 Morris Minor 1000

It’s amazing how one simple modification can completely change the appearance of a car. The wheels on this 1967 Morris Minor certainly add some flavour to an otherwise standardised model.

According to the DVLA, the number of Morris Minor 1000 models have halved in numbers since 1994. From speaking with many of our Morris Minor customers, several would argue that with decreasing numbers, it is imperative to preserve their original state.

But what is the future of this British Classic? The Morris Minor Young Owners Clubs across the UK are growing in numbers each year. The tax and insurance remains lower than other cars which may incentivise the purchase of a Moggy as your first car. But surely owning a Morris Minor is a considered purchase and the fiscal benefits are merely a bonus. I am yet to meet anyone who has no appreciation of classic cars but is a classic car owner themselves.

A younger demographic may have their own ideas of how a Morris Minor should look in 2014 and beyond, but many people will most likely continue to own them and look after them in the future to preserve their original state.

If you own a Morris Minor, you can download your free Morris Minor Parts Catalogue from our website by clicking here.

1967 Morris Minor 1000
1967 Morris Minor 1000

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