1964 Hillman Super Minx

You could consider the Hillman Super Minx as somewhat of an endangered species. DVLA figures show there are just over 200 of these left on British Roads, only a slight decrease from the last 10 years. Nevertheless, it is still a rare and pleasurable site to see them.

Our Minx customer had just fitted the boot rack after purchasing it from us a few days earlier so it was an opportune moment to take pictures. The chrome boot rack compliments the immaculate paint work and new convertible hood perfectly.

This Hillman Super Minx’s year of registration is 1964 so it no longer covers the miles it used to. It was recently the subject of a restoration with the majority of parts purchased from the David Manners Group. Now it is back on the road, it enjoys weekly outings with very few problems.

The boot rack is a universal fitting, particularly common with MGB cars and Morris Minors. This is the first time we have seen one for the Minx. Many parts for the Hillman Super Minx are interchangeable with our MG and Triumph range.

1964 Hillman Super Minx
1964 Hillman Super Minx


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