1957 Vauxhall Victor F

Whilst it was a delight to see this 1957 Vauxhall Victor F at DMG last week, it was not here for any parts. The owner recently purchased a Humber Sceptre and is completing a renovation using David Manners Group parts where possible.

Still, we had to go and take a look. My first thought was the resemblance of a scaled down version of the American Plymouth Fury – See Stephen King’s Christine for reference. The absence of the Fury’s prominent wings on the Victor F is a clear differential and the cockpit is much smaller than you would imagine. Infact, for such a large (outwardly at least) car, the inside appears quite small with minimal passenger space.

The plate at the front proudly displays its appearance on the London to Brighton run a couple of years ago. For a car that is 54 years old, you may be surprised to learn it is still used as a main car with regular trips around the UK, more recently on holiday to Blackpool.

Certainly a key element to the continued running of the Vauxhall Victor is the way it’s looked after.

1957 Vauxhall Victor F
1957 Vauxhall Victor F


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