1980 Austin Maxi 1750 in Pageant Blue

This 1980 Austin Maxi is one of only a handful left in the UK according to howmanyleft.com
It is no surprise then that it has been kept in near immaculate condition inside and out. The interior has been kept in its original form with no replacement parts needed in its 34 years. The Pageant blue colour is striking from a distance and still in good condition when inspecting close up.

It has never had a re-spray, nor does it need one but then it is no surprise when this Maxi has only covered 13,000 from new. It must be one of the few examples left with such low mileage and original factory installed parts.

However, our customer would not be at the David Manners Group without having a few mechanical issues to address, and luckily we are able to help with hard to find parts. Before he contacted us, the owner was struggling to source various parts such as Clutch Slave Cylinder, Brake Master Cylinder and general engine components. Due to our contacts and the cars we supply parts for, many can be interchangeable (some manufacturers of classics even buy their parts off us!). The Maxi’s headlamp rim is actually the same fit of the Classic Mini for example, and so are a few of the outer body work parts. This meant we had stock readily available to take home. The owner of this Maxi also owns a 1979 Morgan and is also struggling to obtain parts including from Morgan themselves. On this occasion, we were also able to help out with stocked lines.

Typically, we sell parts for Jaguar, Daimler, MG, Triumph, Mini, Morris Minor and Mazda MX-5 but we strongly encourage you to contact us if you own a Classic and are not finding it easy to get parts as we may just surprise you.

1980 Austin Maxi 1750 in Pageant Blue
1980 Austin Maxi 1750 in Pageant Blue

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