1969 Morris Minor 1000

It’s always nice to see a classic like this 1969 Morris Minor being used daily. Until recently, as well as being the only car in the owner’s household it was the form of transport from Birmingham to Somerset on a regular basis. The longer trips have since been retired but for daily commuting around the Birmingham inner city roads, this moggy competes admirably.

It had a full restoration about 10 years ago which has proved pivotal to its functionality. It has been well looked after with service and precautionary checks essential for its lady owner. It has been in the family for many years now and passed down the chain. Infact our customer told us all she has had in 30 years of driving is Morris Minors – This is her 3rd! But as this Morris Minor has been around so long, it truly is part of the family.

We are fortunate to have possibly the most knowledgeable Morris Minor Salesman in the country. Our very own Mike Lennon used to own the Morris Minor Centre Birmingham until it became part of the David Manners Group. Mike has helped many customers make the right purchases over the years and in this case has a long standing affiliation with this car.

Mike is actually featuring on a classic car restoration show in March talking about rebuilding a Morris Minor Traveller. Keep an eye on our Facebook page by clicking here for more details to be revealed soon.

1969 Morris Minor 1000 at the David Manners Group
1969 Morris Minor 1000 at the David Manners Group

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