Jaguar XK150 at the David Manners Group

The extraordinarily warm weather at this time of year has seen some of our customer’s spectacular classics come to see us in their droves. Over the next few weeks we will start to showcase immaculate examples such as an MG Midget, Morris Minor Traveller, Austin A30 and of course this Jaguar XK150.

When this XK150 came to our on-site shop at the David Manners Group, we took the opportunity to talk Classic restoration, keeping a car of this age on the road, and of course take a few sneaky snap shots.

Running a Jaguar XK150 is not as cheap as other classics of a similar age. At DMG, we try and help of course by keeping large quantities of stock for popular lines. This ensures customers are not waiting for weeks to wait for potentially obsolete lines and also helps keep prices competitive. When we get a decent break in the weather like we have this last week, enthusiasts are more likely to bring out their classic over the modern counterpart. Sometimes after sitting idle, the car may need a little attention. This is certainly what we have discovered lately.

So a leisurely drive out turns into a leisurely drive to DMG. How convenient that we have the parts needed in stock.

This Jaguar XK150 is a fine example of a well looked after and fairly consistently used classic. Still used on a regular basis, the XK150 is more than powerful enough to keep up with the demands of the modern roads, stop start traffic and motorway journeys.

If you own a Jaguar XK120/140 or XK150, you can download free price lists from our website by clicking here.

Jaguar XK150 at the David Manners Group
Jaguar XK150 at the David Manners Group


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