Austin A70 Hereford at the David Manners Group

The Austin A70 Hereford is not as rare as we originally thought. DVLA statistics show that over recent years, the numbers registered as Sorn have decreased thus pushing the ‘on road’ numbers higher.

The A70 is clearly a car that is being preserved across the UK and has found a new lease of life after years of dwindling road numbers. Originally produced between 1948 – 1954, over 80,000 were built before production finally ended making this one of the most popular cars of its time.

The owner tells us that its petrol consumption is an issue but as a car it feels strong on the road. It always turns heads and rarely let’s down on long journeys. The only issue is its tough handling. You don’t really want to drive this straight after stepping out of a modern car, but the driving experience is certainly one to savour.

Some parts of the Austin A70 are interchangeable with some of our MG and Morris Minor parts. Our customer has been buying from us for years keeping this A70 on the road, and we like to think we have played our small part in this.

For me pictures of our customer’s cars please follow our Facebook page by clicking here.

Austin A30

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