Refurbished 1970 Triumph Herald

This is one of the last Triumph Heralds made as production stopped just under a year later in 1971. This Herald has been recently renovated to such a high standard, it’s probably the best example we have seen at the David Manners Group in recent years.

The interior is largely new but in keeping with its original style with little to no modifications. The new leather interior with the sharp polished Dashboard can only make you feel this is how it would have looked when it left the factory floor back in 1970.

The car is still used on a regular basis, and is a delight to see on the roads on especially on favourably sunny days and the top can remain down. The vibrant red paint only compliments the cars beauty further.

We hold a large amount of stock for Triumph Cars, and many for the Herald. There are still over 2500 left on British Roads, and that number has remained consistent for many years now.

We will be posting more pictures of this Triumph Herald on our Facebook page in the next few days, so please make sure to follow us.

Refurbished 1970 Triumph Herald
Refurbished 1970 Triumph Herald

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