1965 Morris Minor Traveller

A few months ago, we assisted the crew at National Geographicโ€™s Car S.O.S show for a Morris Minor restoration special. The David Manners Group started to specialise in Morris Minor parts back in 1981 in partnership with the Morris Minor Centre Birmingham and have steadily grown since.

Our stock availability has increased significantly over recent years, and as such we have seen an increased number of Morris Minorโ€™s, Commercials and Travellers using us as their main parts dealer. This also gives is the opportunity to speak to our customers and photograph their cars documenting the progress of restoration projects they may be undertaking themselves.

This 1965 Morris Minor Traveller is used as a daily commute, and is very much like many that we see here at DMG. Infact, we rarely see concours examples. In many cases, people are too fast to comment that the only classics of a particular marque left are the good ones. It seems with the Morris Minor, there were originally plenty of good ones to begin with. This is why they admirably withstand the rigours of modern driving. Naturally, they do require a lot of love along the way. And we do encourage those drivers who use their Morris Minorโ€™s on a regular basis to consider part upgrades such as 5 Speed Gearbox, Shocks etc.

So with our appearance on National Geographicsโ€™ Car S.O.S in the next couple of weeks, itโ€™s nice to be able to feature some Morris Minors we have seen at DMG the last couple of weeks on the run up to the show.

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The David Manners Group will once again feature on National Geographic's Car S.O.S show in April 2014
The David Manners Group will once again feature on National Geographic’s Car S.O.S show in April 2014

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