1971 Triumph Herald Restoration Project

We are very proud of this Triumph Herald restoration project. For 5 years now, our customer has built the entire car from top to bottom with David Manners Group parts, often sourcing incredibly rare Herald spares along the way.

In 2009, our customer contemplated selling off the Herald for spares; such was the condition at the time. It was only a passing comment from a fellow enthusiast that persuaded him otherwise. The renewed vigour prompted a little bit of tinkering in the garage which eventually turned into the labour of a month’s work. At that point, there was no turning back.

Luckily for our customer, he was already aware of the David Manners Group from buying spares for another one of his classic guilty pleasures. We had previously assisted with parts for his Daimler Dart SP250, again building it from the bottom upwards. You may remember an article from us earlier in the month where we appeared in a CAR S.O.S special on the National Geographic channel restoring a Daimler Dart.

Our customer recently had a valuation for the Triumph Herald which far exceeded the amount spent on parts. He has no intention of selling though, and hopes it may even be passed down the family in years to come.

1971 Triumph Herald Restoration Project
1971 Triumph Herald Restoration Project

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