1974 Triumph Dolomite at the David Manners Group

Born in the 70’s, and growing up in the 80’s meant that I was familiar with seeing Triumph Dolomites on many streets. From memory, it was the soft brown coloured Dolly that was most popular but maybe that’s because the colour seemed so infectious back in the day. It was certainly the reason I remember the 2-tone Ford Cortina of the same era with the same livery with equally fond memories.

If you are a regular follower of our social media channels, you will have noticed that we are keen to document as many of our customers cars that we see as iconic or command a general interest as possible. It’s also a reminder that these cars are still on the road and we want to celebrate the tireless work our customers have put into their classics (we are equally as keen to show spectacular modern Jaguars too!)

So I do have a wish list of cars that I would like to see here at the David Manners Group, a list based mostly on my youthful memories. I can now tick off the Triumph Dolomite (in the relatively short time we have been documenting them) but if any local owners of the Triumph TR7, Triumph TR8 (well we can hope), Morris Marina…ok I will stop now. I will save the list for a later date.

After admiring the Dolly and taking pictures, the owner explained to me that it’s a good runner. It presents few problems but the body work needs some attention. It has never been fully restored, simply looked after from day 1. We do stock one of the most comprehensive selections of parts for the Triumph Dolomite, and you can download our free parts price list by clicking here.

1974 Triumph Dolomite at the David Manners Group
1974 Triumph Dolomite at the David Manners Group

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