Jaguar MK2 Restoration Project

You probably won’t see a more modern version of the Classic Jaguar MK2 around. In the late 1990’s, our customer invested a small fortune into bringing the car into the 21st century with complete mod cons, whilst staying as true as possible to its original interior look and feel.

So, if you sit in the car you would not notice too much of a difference. Maybe your eyes would glance towards the additional dash buttons. These control the electrics windows, the newly installed air conditioning and of course. ..the electric sunroof.

Mechanically this Jaguar MK2 has been rebuilt from the ground upwards. The recent re-spray compliments the car amicably and it certainly surpasses concours condition.

At the David Manners Group, we are possibly the world’s leading parts specialists for the Jaguar MK2. We certainly hold the largest amount of stock for the most fast moving part lines. You can download a free price list by visiting our website here.

Jaguar MK2 Restoration Project
Jaguar MK2 Restoration Project

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