From France to England – Nicolas Pinon’s Classic Mini on Tour

Our good frienClassic minid Nicolas Pinon is quite a figurehead in the Classic online community. He is a regular customer and friend of ours at the David Manners Group and has built many of his cars exclusively from our parts.

Amongst his fleet, he boasts a small collection of Classic Mini Cars. Last year, we highlighted one of his award winning Mini’s shortly after it triumphed at the Birmingham NEC Car Show. To see more of Nicolas Pinon’s cars, visit his Facebook page here where he has photos showing restoration projects from early stages of development right through to the finished articles.

A few weeks ago, we once again caught up with Nicolas on his latest journey from France to England. He stopped by at the David Manners Group Head Office for some parts and to take some shots of our team at work for a film he had commissioned following his journey across the country. You can see the video on YouTube by clicking here.

The film documents Nicolas bringing his Mini into the UK in preparation for its race track exhibit and features a whole host of other wonderful classics along the way.



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