Quentin Willson Recommends DMG for Jaguar XK8 Parts

ImageThe Jaguar XK8 is one of our most prolific customer cars here at the David Manners Group especially with our trade customers. So we never miss an opportunity to bring you pictures whenever possible. The XK8 is fast becoming a Modern Classic in the Jaguar Family with many of the cars we see kept in pristine condition by their owners.

Launched in 1996, the XK8 is hardly old in the sense its status has been retired to Sunday outings, so you will still see plenty of the earlier versions on the road. And because they are used on a regular basis, we have no trouble stocking parts for next day delivery – it’s important to get the car back on the road, right? Especially if it’s your daily commute.

Our customer and close friend of the company Quentin Willson is a well-known Classic Car enthusiast. Quentin’s collection includes a Classic Mini and E-Type Jaguar and he knows first-hand how important it is to us to stock parts on our shelf where other companies rely on their suppliers to hold stock for them.

Quentin has fully restored both his Classic Mini and E-Type Jaguar exclusively from parts we stock, not to mention his Daimler Dart SP250. It is therefore no surprise that he has mentioned us in his blog on several occasions including an article on the Jaguar XK8 that can be seen here.

In the article, he goes on to say that the XK8’s prices are very reasonable for what you actually get – combination of reliability and style. This may be one of the reasons it is one of our most popular cars to stock parts for. DVLA stats show that they are not decreasing in numbers as rapidly as you would think. The XK series was fairly well received in 1996 and popularity has steadily grown since.

You can see more of our customers Jaguar XK8 cars as well as our other albums by visiting our Pinterest page by clicking here.

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