Orkney Island, Scotland To The David Manners Group

This Citroen and its owner traveled all the way down from the Orkney Island in Scotland to purchase a XJS expansion tank as the owner had just purchased a Jaguar XJS for his car collection.

He has had the vehicle for four years and has based the car upon a Citroen Dyane, It had a original 2cv engine which has now been modified.

The owner also owns a Jensen Interceptor SP, Jensen Healey and a TVR.


In Honor To A Brother

Last Friday on the 18th March, Anthony Essington came by the David Manners Group to purchase some parts for his Bentley.The car gathered quite a bit of attention from the others customers visiting us and saw a few heads turn from the staff too.

It has taken Anthony five years to build the car and within this time he ran a advertising campaign to source parts to help with the build and is still currently running this campaign.

As you can see in the photograph above Anthony named the car “Lucius” in honor to his brother who sadly passed away before he had the chance to see the car up and running. Also in homage to his brother Luke (Lucius), you can find attached to the spare wheel a hand man swallow bird. The bird was bought by one of Anthony friends who was out in Africa and seen the the tin bird for sell and brought it back with him as a gift.
We asked what the swallow bird represented, we were told that Luke lived in Cornwall and that him and Anthony would ring each other as soon the first person seen the swallows migrate, he wanted to attach the gift to the car so that where ever he went his brother was always with him.

The vehicles back seat is from the 1930 Le Mans, The car has plenty of stories each connected to various parts on the car. It was a pleasure to meet you Anthony and thank you for sharing your story.


Visiting The David Manners Group Is…

On Friday the 6th March there was a excitement around the David Manners premises as a unusual vehicle pulled up on our customer car park.

It  has took the owner seven years to build from scratch and the idea for the car was based upon a Phantom F4 Jet which the owner had a fascination with from a child.

It is only the third time the car has been out on the road for a “Test” run.

The vehicle had pneumatic doors which opens from above. It also has a Jaguar V6 engine inside accompanied by a selection of various parts.

This is a one of a kind vehicle, the only resemblance is a Lakester (Pictured Above). In the future the owner is looking at giving it a spray of colour either in a dark red or black.


Mini Fair 2015 Hosted by British Mini Club

Last month The David Manners Group Attended, Mini Fair 2015 which was hosted by British Mini Club.

The British Mini Club were  very proud to be celebrating there 16th year of the Mini Fair, Which is an indoor event held annually at the end of January. It is a winter highlight attracting thousands of Mini fans from all over the UK and beyond.

The Mini Fair is one of the most well established and well-organized National Mini Events of the year, with something for every enthusiast.

To see more photographs from the event please visited our Facebook or Flickr pages.