Red Union Jack Mini

We were visited yesterday by this wonderful red mini, which had originally been restored by a member of the Halesowen District Mini Club for his daughter who eventually sold it to its current owner. It is now an occasional vehicle which gets most of it’s use in the Summer months, it then returns to it’s cosy carpeted garage in the Winter! We love its union jack roof and it’s stylish leather interior!

red mini2


As seen on TV!

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been featured on Car S.O.S twice now. You can still catch the most recent episode if you missed it though, as it will be airing again on the National Geographic Channel on the following:

Thursday 30th April at 6pmSaturday 2nd May at 10amTuesday 12th May at 11pm

Car S.O.S


Silly Sock Day 2015 – For Autism West Midlands

On Friday we held our own Silly Sock Day contest to raise money for Autism West Midlands, it’s such a subtle but fun way to raise money at work! We voted for our winner which was Andrea with her bright rainbow socks, with Steve in a close 2nd in his fetching Leopard print!

If you haven’t heard of the charity, you can find more information on Autism, the charity and how you could get involved on their website here; http://www.autismwestmidlands.org.uk/

All contestants Andrea & Steve


Car S.O.S – Thursday 16th April (Tonight!)

In case you missed our social media posts yesterday, we’ll be on Car S.O.S tonight (Thurs 16th April) from 8pm

Let us know you’re watching by using the hashtag #CarSOS on Twitter or Facebook!

If you’re not around later, the episode will be repeated at 11pm tonight as well as again on Saturday 18th April from 5pm

We’re very excited to see the episode, and we hope you are too!