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‘No Minor Matter’ ~ Shropshire Star

Here’s an interesting article from last week about the oldest RHD Morris Minor Van in the world, which had been found by its owner in a Shropshire barn.

‘Mike, 63, of Alvin Close in Wem, says it is his pride and joy. He began his collection in 2008 when he first bought one of the vans and now has about 10 all together.

This example trumps the others in his collection. It was parked up in 1967 and was left untouched until Mike saved it.

He now intends to keep it in its present state rather than restore it, carrying out just minor repairs ahead of an outing at next month’s Shropshire Vintage Show’

‘The vehicle has still not yet been driven and Mike, from Wem, is bringing the classic vehicle to the Shropshire Vintage Show in June when it will make its maiden voyage in front of visitors’

‘The Shropshire Vintage Show will be held on on June 6 and 7 at the Greenhous West Mid Showground’

Click here to see the full article on the Shropshire Star website

Taken from the Shropshire Star


Our visit to The Bridge Radio

On Tuesday 26th May we visited The Bridge Radio in Stourbridge to promote our upcoming Classic Mini Open Evening!

We were guests on the Trev French show for around 45 minutes, we discussed everything about the event from the classic minis to the entertainment and food!

There will be the usual burger van, entertainment from Black Country Gaz, a caricaturist, a magician and our usual prize giveaways! As well as other competitions.

We will be adding a few recordings from the show to our YouTube channel so watch this space for links to those!

To find out more about The Bridge Radio click here!

Radio Promo 1

Radio Promo 2

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Inside Jaguar: Making a Million

A new documentary about the most expensive car Jaguar has ever made hits Channel 4 next Thursday 28th May from 9pm.

‘With exclusive access to Jaguar, classic car fanatic Mark Evans follows the creation of what is arguably the world’s most exclusive car’

‘Inside jaguar’s factory, craftsmen are building a car fit for a billionaire and the most expensive the company has ever made. Evans witnesses the extraordinary lengths to which they’re going to manufacture a vehicle with a price tag of more than £1 million’

‘Only 12 Lightweights were ever made, back in 1963, one of which recently sold for an estimated £5 million. But 18 were originally planned and now the remaining six are being recreated by Jaguar from scratch’

‘Back at Jaguar, as the Lightweight project gets closer to the deadline and the first delivery, the pressure starts to tell. Can Jaguar create automotive perfection, please their billionaire clients and silence the critics?’ ~ [Source]

Catch it on demand here:

Inside Jaguar

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Green 1954 Morris Minor

This beautiful green 1954 Morris Minor visited us earlier! Its owner had just purchased some wheel nuts to finish off a 2 year restoration. He had originally bought this car a few years ago for £200 on eBay – talk about a bargain!

He started bringing it out in the nice weather just a few weeks ago, so here’s to hoping we get some more great weather over this coming bank holiday weekend!

Green Morris Minor