International Nurses Day!

Today (12th May 2015) is International Nurses Day! It’s important we appreciate how important nurses are, and that many lives are saved every day all around the globe thanks to the hard working nurses of the world.

More information on Nurses Day and how to get involved with fundraising here and find out about local events here!

‘A National Nurses Day was first planned in the early 1950’s, but it was not until 1974 when the International Council of Nurses stated that the 12th of May was to be International Nurses Day. The 12th of May was chosen as this was the day in 1820 that Florence Nightingale was born’ (Source)

Did you know Morris Minors were a popular choice among district nurses during the late ’60s?

Click here for an interesting article from Classic Car Mart!

Nurse Gladys in Open All Hours had a Morris Minor which has been converted to be a medical vehicle (picture source)

Nurse Gladys - Open All Hours

‘The first dedicated Cardiac Ambulance used at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast after the portable defib was designed was a traveller, it carried a cardiac doctor and nurse to the scene if an Ambulance crew requested them to attend. I dont think any pictures exsist, but I knew a lady who had been a nurse and attended these calls. The NIAS trust still has a Bedford and a Diamler preserved’ – David McCullough (source)


(Picture Source – more available)

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