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Russ Carpenter Classic Car Update ~ 19.05.15

Russ Carpenter Racing ~ this car is a special one for us, and many others in the area. ‘Construction of the car was started in 1970 (first raced in March 1972), although it has been updated several times throughout the years


‘The car is one of the most successful dragsters in Europe and quite often races in the 6 litre category with fair success. The car has featured in several cinema films, adverts and pop videos, photos of the car have also been used on sleeves of LP records’ (snippets taken from their Facebook page)

We will be posting regular updates on what the car and its team are up to! The car is currently on show at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum and Andrew Carpenter went to chat to Doug Hill, the museums manager and chief engineer. He showed Andrew around the workshops at some amazing machinery and he met some of the staff who will be looking after the car. (Picture below)

Russ Carpenter Racing

You can keep up to date with the car and the latest news here

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