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#TravelTuesday ~ Jaguar Cheap Race 2015

Continuing from the 2013 race, the Jaguar Cheap Race is coming up in July!

The race will go from the UK to Sweden with the Swedish Jaguar Club on Sunday 19th July, and finish on Saturday 25th July.

The aim of the race is to find the cheapest and most reliable Jaguar in the UK, there are 30 teams competing and once they have purchased their car they will travel back to Sweden together.

The journey will start in Eastbourne, the cars will drive through France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark and then cross the finish line in Barsebäck in Sweden. They will stop in Dunkirk, Nürburgring, Münster, Lübeck, Agerskov and Naerum on the way and we will finish on Saturday 25/7.

‘The winning team will be the ones that has bought a car that combines a low price, and high reliability. The competition is more about reliability and enjoying the cars, than speed’

To find out more please visit: http://www.jaguarklubben.se (this will be in Swedish!), or log on to Facebook and search for Cheap Race 2015

Cheep Race 2015

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