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Range Rover celebrates 45 years ~ Birmingham Post

The Range Rover has been named as the world’s first ever SUV, which is pretty impressive!

‘heralded the start of an expanded line-up for the Solihull-based firm, which up until that point had only produced its rugged and utilitarian Land Rover, now badged as the Defender. The Range Rover tapped into a hitherto unexplored market for a capable 4×4 vehicle that also offered a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Its success spawned scores of imitators, paving the way for the abundance of SUVs and crossovers that are now part the fastest growing automotive segment worldwide. From the outset the Range Rover became a favourite of the ‘country set’ and over the decades it has won legions of fans from footballers to the Royal Family.

Launched on June 17 1970 the original Classic model was cited as an ‘exemplary work of industrial design’ when it became the first vehicle to be displayed at the Louvre museum in Paris. Now the Range Rover is more luxurious and refined than ever, though it still boasts off-road capability worthy of the famous Land Rover badge’

To read the rest of the Birmingham Posts article click here

Range Rover(Picture taken from the Birmingham Posts article)

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