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‘Transparent Trailer’ technology ~ Birmingham Post

Land Rover have revealed their new technological development in the form of the ‘transparent trailer’ system! Further to their ‘see-through bonnet technology‘ the company have been working on removing the blind spot which is created when towing a caravan or trailer.

‘The prototype ‘Transparent Trailer’ system combines the video feed from the vehicle’s existing surround camera system – which includes the reversing camera and a camera on each wing mirror – with a video from a digital wireless camera placed on the rear of the trailer or caravan. The video feeds are then combined to create the live video images that make the trailer behind appear see-through.’

transparent trailer

‘As part of the latest technology, Land Rover is also developing something called Cargo Sense.

The prototype system combines a remote video camera inside the trailer and a mat of pressure sensors on the floor, that both link wirelessly to the towing vehicle.

The pressure sensitive mat would detect if a load of boxes, antique furniture, a classic car were moved, or even whether a horse is moving around the trailer in an unexpected or abnormal way whilst travelling or stationery and alert the driver accordingly.

The Cargo Sense app would also the driver to check the status of both trailer and load remotely when the owner is away from the trailer.

If a horse owner is away from the horse trailer, the system could automatically alert the owner via SMS if the horse is distressed, if the temperature inside has exceeded safe levels, or if the trailer is being tampered with.’

Enda Mullen (Birmingham Post)

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