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‘It won’t happen here’ ~ Murray Scullion

Murray Scullion of recently published an article detailing the dangers of Classic Car Shows after an incident which occurred at an event in Malta.

The article stated that ‘the UK’s tightly-controlled safety regulations would all but rule out a repeat of the crash that injured 20 people at a Malta show earlier this month

‘Tim Swietochowski, acting head of communications for the Motor Sports Association (MSA), said there was no need for knee-jerk reactions following the accident in Malta. He said: ‘Drawing comparisons between regulated motor sport events in the UK – with licensed competitors, officials and venues, marshals and comprehensive technical and sporting regulations – and a motor show in Malta is like comparing apples with oranges.’

The organisers of this month’s Dukeries Rally – relocated from its traditional Sherwood Forest venue due to safety concerns – said they were confident the public will be safe when the event returns at Donington Park Circuit on 25 October’

Please click here to read the full article


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