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DMG Visit Coventry Transport Museum

We had an absolutely wonderful morning earlier this week visiting our friends at the Coventry Transport Museum! We were given a fantastic tour, and particularly enjoyed ogling at their amazing Jaguar heritage collection.

Coventry Transport Museum is home to the largest collection of British road transport in the world, including hundreds of cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

coventry-transport-museumHere’s a selection of photos from the day – we’re sure you’ll agree they have some absolutely gorgeous cars on display. We also experienced the thrill of breaking the World Land Speed Record on their new 4D Land Speed Record Simulator!

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More on the Defender 2,000,000!

As we posted yesterday, Jaguar Land Rover have decided to stop making the 4×4 by the end of this year and to mark the 2 millionth production milestone they invited a few celebrities to help build a one of a kind Defender 2,000,000 which they will then auction off in aid of three charities; The International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies and The Born Free Foundation.

‘Bear Grylls, Virginia McKenna and Theo Paphitis contributed by fitting parts to the vehicle at Land Rover’s factory’

“The Land Rover Defender has been there for me more times than I care to remember. They are so often the unsung heroes of our TV shows, working hard in the toughest conditions to get crew in and out of exceptionally challenging terrains. Known and respected by me and many other adventurers for their rugged reliability – it was an honour to be asked to take part in the build of this very special car.”

Watch the official film here:

Piston Heads also wrote a very informative and interesting article which you can view here:


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Range Rover celebrates 45 years ~ Birmingham Post

The Range Rover has been named as the world’s first ever SUV, which is pretty impressive!

‘heralded the start of an expanded line-up for the Solihull-based firm, which up until that point had only produced its rugged and utilitarian Land Rover, now badged as the Defender. The Range Rover tapped into a hitherto unexplored market for a capable 4×4 vehicle that also offered a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Its success spawned scores of imitators, paving the way for the abundance of SUVs and crossovers that are now part the fastest growing automotive segment worldwide. From the outset the Range Rover became a favourite of the ‘country set’ and over the decades it has won legions of fans from footballers to the Royal Family.

Launched on June 17 1970 the original Classic model was cited as an ‘exemplary work of industrial design’ when it became the first vehicle to be displayed at the Louvre museum in Paris. Now the Range Rover is more luxurious and refined than ever, though it still boasts off-road capability worthy of the famous Land Rover badge’

To read the rest of the Birmingham Posts article click here

Range Rover(Picture taken from the Birmingham Posts article)

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#TravelTuesday ~ Jaguar Cheap Race 2015

Continuing from the 2013 race, the Jaguar Cheap Race is coming up in July!

The race will go from the UK to Sweden with the Swedish Jaguar Club on Sunday 19th July, and finish on Saturday 25th July.

The aim of the race is to find the cheapest and most reliable Jaguar in the UK, there are 30 teams competing and once they have purchased their car they will travel back to Sweden together.

The journey will start in Eastbourne, the cars will drive through France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark and then cross the finish line in Barsebäck in Sweden. They will stop in Dunkirk, Nürburgring, Münster, Lübeck, Agerskov and Naerum on the way and we will finish on Saturday 25/7.

‘The winning team will be the ones that has bought a car that combines a low price, and high reliability. The competition is more about reliability and enjoying the cars, than speed’

To find out more please visit: (this will be in Swedish!), or log on to Facebook and search for Cheap Race 2015

Cheep Race 2015

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Inside Jaguar: Making a Million

A new documentary about the most expensive car Jaguar has ever made hits Channel 4 next Thursday 28th May from 9pm.

‘With exclusive access to Jaguar, classic car fanatic Mark Evans follows the creation of what is arguably the world’s most exclusive car’

‘Inside jaguar’s factory, craftsmen are building a car fit for a billionaire and the most expensive the company has ever made. Evans witnesses the extraordinary lengths to which they’re going to manufacture a vehicle with a price tag of more than £1 million’

‘Only 12 Lightweights were ever made, back in 1963, one of which recently sold for an estimated £5 million. But 18 were originally planned and now the remaining six are being recreated by Jaguar from scratch’

‘Back at Jaguar, as the Lightweight project gets closer to the deadline and the first delivery, the pressure starts to tell. Can Jaguar create automotive perfection, please their billionaire clients and silence the critics?’ ~ [Source]

Catch it on demand here:

Inside Jaguar