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Morris Minor Van

The gentleman who owns the van used to work for PJ Evans in  the Jaguar and Rolls Royce parts department. When the vans were taken out of circulation the staff were allowed to bid for them and so he got this for a bargain price.
He has owned the van ever since and it is still used as a working van. The sides have only been redone once and that’s when the whole van was given a re-spray.
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Kathy Ling

12970832_961357813948093_6320429143071721585_oKathy Ling has been a member of the Shropshire M.M.O.C since it began 40 years ago, she first discovered Morris Minors when she went on her first date with now husband of 50 years. She remembers the date clearly; having to push a broken down Morris Minor up Coleport Bank in high heels.

In 2000 there was a push for people to do something different, Kathy had always wanted to do a London Marathon. So she took up running and has now been running for 16 years.

When she first started Kathy joined the Wrekin Road Runners and competed in her first run in Wolverhampton with getting lost (29mile), 3 marathons’ all together. Next she went on to the Berlin Run with Wreckin Road Runners which was a 6hr plus run but the people were vey supportive and the atmosphere was great. Kathy also went on to do a London Marathon, a midnight run around Norway, Moscow and St Peters which happened to be her favorite thus far and not stopping there she went on to Reykjavik and did 3 races in one day (impressive).

At 65 she did 3 triathlons but kept falling off the bike due to inner ear problems but that didn’t stop her; she went on to do the Ben Nevis Marathon at -3, which Kathy said “ I wont be doing that again”, this was from Morecombe bay to Grains over sands.

On Kathy’s 70th she had done 124 races over 12 months, her favorite being the More Care Challenge which was a ½ marathon across four different rivers. Kathy informs us that her next run is at the Faroe Islands, which is also a ½ Marathon.

Not forgetting in June Kathy will be running another ½ marathon in June to help raise money for Matthew Cooper who is a 11 year old boy from Telford who during the summer holidays last year became suddenly ill and taken to hospital. Which they later found cancerous tumors on his brain and spine. Matt had major surgery at Birmingham Children Hospital but due to complications suffered strokes, which has left him paralyzed, unable to breathe for himself or talk. Matthew has been there ever since and won’t be allowed home until his house is suitable for his needs. So if you would like to help bring Matthew and his parents get back home then you can sponsor Kathy Ling on her run at the following link.




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#CreativeConversions // Pure Vintage Coffee

Today we’re looking at creative classic car conversions, we’ll be posting a feature like this whenever we find an awesome use of a classic car.

Such as today’s featured company – Pure Vintage Coffee!

The company has two classic car conversions to date, which are both extremely creative uses of a car body. The first is a 1955 Morris Minor which they have converted to be a DIY Hog Roast which you can hire for special occasions.


The second is a 1966 Austin A35 which they converted into a mobile fair-trade coffee van, they take this to local shops and events to sell their delicious coffee and sweet treats! You can even see a gallery of the conversion process here:!gallery/c20xu


‘We would like to think we are the first and only Austin coffee van that serves fairtrade and organic coffees/teas and treats.

Our mission is to give great service, serve fantastic coffee, meet new friends and create a new and unique experience for all you coffee lovers out there. We’ve gone as far as to have barista training to bring you the ultimate coffee experience. That’s how serious we are about getting it right for you.

Our 2nd mission (if you can have 2) is too convert many more 1950s/1960s pick up trucks and have a small chain of vintage vans serving fair-trade coffees’

You can find out more about the company by visiting their website here: